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Jerry Pierce, Studio Consultant

12 years at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) in Contract Research for Commercial and Government in laser disc, color printing, ink jet printing, non-destructive testing.

12 years at Universal Studios - Successful standardization and launch of DVD, Digital Cinema, and work in High Definition product launch. Continuing work in standardization for EST (Electronic Sell Through) and copy protection.

Putting the pieces together

For the last 12 years I have been working “inside” a studio helping get new technologies and business models to market. During that time I was very instrumental in successfully navigating and promoting DVD, HDMI/HDCP, and Digital Cinema.

It is not easy to successfully bring an entertainment technology to market. It takes careful navigation of many industries and individual personalities to make a success.

My strength is in strategic planning of product specifications and the approach to maximize the probability of success. Not all ideas will be successful. Better to know early the weaknesses and pitfalls of a product launch. It is better to plan a course of actions dealing with the rainmakers of Hollywood, Consumer Electronics, Consumers, and Computer Manufacturers.

That is what I bring to the party - out of the box thinking, ability to strategize a product approach, ability to guide design of a product for industry acceptance.

Current Activities:

  1. Advisor/Consultant to NATO - National Association of Theater Owners for Theatrical Technology

  2. Consultant to Universal Pictures for Digital Cinema. Primary role as Chairman of ISDCF.

  3. Consultant to Disney for Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF). Currently Chairman of Wrapping AdHoc group and webmaster of

  4. Early stage of writing a book on DVD / NexGen DVD launches

  5. Consultant to clients for specific projects (ask for details)


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Jerry Pierce

1028 Eden Bower Lane

Redwood City CA 94061


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